Competitive Gamers in Chivalry

  • I was just wondering, how many gamers play chivalry that reached a ‘competitive’ level at other games

    Starcraft 1/2
    DOTA 1/2


    Anyone in the community achieve a high level of success at any other game before coming here?

    Not talking about ‘i was in a clan’ talking about ‘i won tournaments.’

    A high level of competition.

  • Not sure what LAN tournies have to do with it, or why they can be the only measure of success or skill, but when it comes to WW2 tank combat I am the Waffen-SS Panzer god. :lol:

  • I was ranked consistently in the top 300 on Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. I beat Sub 10 ranked players on some memorable occasions I could actually get them to fight on their profiles. I knocked RazorWinds (SharpWinds? CuttingWinds? I forget exactly what his name was) from the number 1 spot with Shang Tsung.

    Did not play LAN tournaments though, lol.

    I’m curious- why do you hate this game so much and stick around the forums?

  • The original Starsiege: Tribes.

  • @BillDoor:

    The original Starsiege: Tribes.

    By all means share of your experience.

    dont need to confine it to a confirm/deny :)

  • Counter-Strike for 12 years. If you think this community can be a bunch of jerks, go play CS. I only played up to CAL Main, then I got tired of playing competitively. Still play casually.

  • The only CS:S clan I was part of played Zombie Mod and Prison Break, so, no. Not competitive. At all.

  • I never did any tournaments or stuff (Except of small clan wars), but at M&B WFaS I at the end was nearly never defeated. I often had something like a 80:0 K/D.

  • JCash you are implying that mainstream esport games take shitton of skill all the time. In your list, this is not the case except for Quake. There are alot of less known and “underground” competitive mp games with almost no tournaments with prize pools that require WAY more skill. Being good at these actually means more for yourself, even if you dont attend big LANs. Quake Live is one of the more respectable esport games.

  • Although not “competitive” I use to organize, compete, and sometimes win or place well in Diablo 2: Lord of destruction duel tournaments. Necromancers dude……Necromancers.

  • Heroes of Newerth

    While I wasn’t a tournament winner, I achieved 1897 PSR pre-MMR patch. Got to play in a fair amount of in-houses with Fuji-apples and N0tail (Notail’s pharoah is godly by the way). I’m mostly a support player, that can also play certain hard ganker roles really well if necessary, like Pebbles.

    When the MMR patch came out, so did 3v3 Grimm’s Crossing, which I fell in love with. I stopped playing 5s to work on 3s. Sadly 3v3s aren’t popular, but whenever I get the chance, I play them. Me and my 3v3 team are the current leaders of the meta-game in 3s (not that is saying much), but on a rare occasion to we get to play against the star players of 5v5s. We still manage to beat them more often than lose in the 3v3 map (obviously because we’re way ahead of them in terms of 3s meta).

    Bloodline Champions – (for those who don’t know, think WoW Arena only everything is a skill-shot, including healing, and much faster paced.)

    Won a few in-game tournaments. Was one of the top Nomads pre-nerf; switched to Igniter afterwards. Become one of the best igniters, next to Verosk. People knew me for my scary ultimate cancels.

    Teamed up with Arbaris often in 2v2s. Arbaris was dubbed “the aimbot”, and I was dubbed as “the guy who can dodge the aimbot.” Won against the 3v3 DreamHack winners (MegaZero, Hafu, Iverson). Granted they didn’t have Hafu during this tournament, but still an impressive feat nonetheless. I still have screenshots of those.

    Battlefield 1942 – Desert Combat

    Go to top 3 in the 2v2 jet combat ladder. Pretty much never lost a 1v1 jet fight.

  • Mostly L4D1. Although, by the time I managed to get a regular team the only tournaments about had rogue admins granting defwins to themselves. Haven’t been beaten in a 4v4 match for a while now, but the game is not exactly active any more. (Though, having said that, I’ve played more L4D recently than Chivalry).

    Not exactly a well known competitive game, I know.

    I’m and FPS guy so half of the game listed in the OP don’t really interest me, and the ones that do (e.g. Quake, CS) I’ve never had the will power to break into an already extremely well established comp scene when I have literally no contacts to players in those games. Playing public games for hours on end is not something I enjoy any more sadly, and applying to a team without any competitive level history in that specific game doesn’t sound like it would be successful.

    Anyway, I don’t think I could juggle more games competitively at the moment.

  • I’m grandmaster level in starcraft, only on north america though so not too special.

  • Was cal open/main in day of defeat when it all existed… Also played l4d competitively and placed 3rd or 4th? in Cevo a while back. Only played cs for fun generally just ESEA

  • @venom2:

    I’m grandmaster level in starcraft, only on north america though so not too special.

    Did you try to get into Shoutcraft America?

  • In bad company 2 full game tournaments I was a squad destroyer. In tournaments everyone sticks as a squad. My clan had a squad of lone wolves who’s job was to kill entire other squads.

    Many enemy squads got themselves is stupid positions. It was quite easy to group behind them and now them down with a PP2000 and knife the last guy. You could win whole games by taking out one squad in the right time and right place. I had a tracer as well as usually I was behind enemy lines and I also had a lock on middle of some kind in case there were no other engineers around.

    Pretty much the extent of my competitiveness.

  • I will kick anyones ass at street fighter 2 SNES.

    Dota, well I played it a ton but the hacks they have really disgust me. Auto micro, mh, auto last hit, pretty much a bot can play the game for you if you get enough hacks. But I used to love dota and I kick ass at it. then there is the defensive play that is really annoying, the most pussy team seems to win and I never had the gull to stomach a team speak team of whiny children and lack the tenacity to seek out mature players. I played with the big dogs but only stayed with them briefly as it was easy to spot their hacking ways, yeah I was fitted for $ tournaments but never stuck with my hacking allies. I’m more of a loan wolf gamer. To those who dont know warcraft3 had auto build hacks and auto micro as well, competetive gameplay is joke in dota and war3. ZBuy a lothars and have it auto cast when you being targetted for XX spells, the list of hacks is insane in dota if you dig deep enough.

    COD seems like every other cod so it got stale very quick for me

    I was king of sc1 fastest map 1v1, that map is so damn fun, I was like 95% win ratio

    sc2, bleh im old now and tired of the genre, it lacks creativity and is more like sc1.5 in my book

    quake oh I played the first quake from a demo cd I got in the mail about 18 years ago, I loved the game but alas my parents would not a oblige me to the full version

  • I’ve seen the real KiWiKaKi playing, he was trolling as archer. Was really good too.

  • This game won’t be truly competitive until all the broken mechanics are fixed.

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