• Is there, or will there be an SDK for this to create mods/maps in UDK and modify the script and packages and such? Similar to the SDK released by Twipwire for the Red Orchestra franchise.

    I have some UDK skillz and want to try and implement a lightsaber.

  • Yes, within a couple of months.

  • Developer

    Tomorrow. (at least the first “beta” release)

  • @CrustaceanSoup:

    Tomorrow. (at least the first “beta” release)


    Don’t be lying to me soupy

  • LOL crusty can’t wait for this xD

    So yes, he’s serious.

  • Developer

    • Custom maps and asset packages work, including cooking them
    • Script compiling and cooking script packages works
    • Config files for mod packages are not separated out nicely from the game’s config files, and all configs might still be showing up in the Steam library directory instead of My Documents, I forget
    • There is currently no editorless executable, so the SDK build requires .NET (I really want to correct this before the final release, we got rid of the .NET requirement because some people with screwed up Windows installs had issues with it; editor binary will always require .NET, though)
    • There may be issues with dedicated server binaries not loading in some actors in maps. Then, there might not be any issues at all. This requires testing. This will not hamper content creation, and testing content can be done with the client binaries if there are issues.

    The SDK build is being compiled/cooked/packaged right now, we’ll test it internally tomorrow and upload it to Steam. If something is wrong, getting the SDK out is my first priority tomorrow.

    I’ll also start writing up documentation and get other team members to add to it; it’ll probably start a bit sparse, though. We’ll also include some example maps Andrew threw together; those will also be added to as time passes.

    It’s going to be in a separate “beta” branch inside the Chivalry Beta app so as not to disrupt testing of CU1P2; unfortunately, if you want to test both, you’ll have to endure multi-GB downloads to swap between them.

    Formal announcement tomorrow when this hits.

  • Awesome news!

    Looking forward to this :)

  • :o

  • @CrustaceanSoup:



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