Oil pot FF//team damage in warmup bugs

  • Ok guys.
    So i noticed a long time ago 2 things that aren’t acting as intended:
    -The oil pot damage doesn’t register. So you can burn an ally that pisses you and it won’t increase your team damage % if you get kicked for the TK (i do that quite often on LMB swinger maniac team damager idiots… :D )
    -The team damage during the warmup doesn’t reset to 0 when the round starts, so if a a player who attacked allies during the warmup gets a votekick in the face right after the start of the round, he will be at 100% team damage, that can’t be right and needs to be fixed someday…
    Cheers 8-)

  • They also need to fix fire-pots not affecting the damage-dealt statistic.

  • They also need to fix the fact that Oil Pots only detonate when they hit a terrain surface. You can direct-impact a player with your oil pot, but it will continue sailing on and detonate where it would have flown had the player not been in the way.

    Even if the player is standing perfectly still and you hit them in the centre of their torso they won’t be harmed. Their screen will flash red and the normal player-hit sound will play, but they will take no damage and will not be lit on fire.

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