My Game will not start

  • So when I start my chivalry game it gives me a picture of the chivalry starting up screen and after a bit it starts saying UDK.exe has stopped working. I don’t know what is causing this. Can someone please help me?

  • click on this link:

    It’s a thread I started. Keith has posted many possible fixes there.
    Did you install the game this weekend?
    As I saw in other Forum threads, the free weekend seems to be causing problems.
    Steam doesn’t seem to give us all the needed gamefiles this weekend. So let’s try again when the free weekend is over.

  • Wow, that Keith guy sounds amazing. I must meet him. :P

    Go through that topic, and if nothing works, post here and I’ll do my best to help you. :)

  • I have done whats on the link and it still will not work. I’ve re installed it many times and have backed it up.

  • Never Mind. I have found my problem. I do not have enough GHZ to run the game. New problem: How do I get more?

  • A new CPU I guess… But it’s up to you if you want to pay that money to be able to play this game. Just make sure it’s a duo core or more.
    My problem was that there was only 1 core running.

  • Ok thanks for your help with this guys. I do have two cores so i’m not sure if that changes it at all but you guys have helped me a lot.

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