A livestreamed discussion with the developers

  • …would be cool and together with players and fans they could get direct feedback, answer question and discuss feints once and for all. Could 60 minutes be too much to ask for? :-)

  • I couldn’t think of a more waste of time lol.

    5,000 posts on feints.

    New feint changes coming in next patch which we haven’t seen yet.


    Feints will stay in the game.

    Feints won’t be nerfed to the point of being a useless waste of stamina.

    Feints will be toned down - you can already see what we’re doing to them in the beta.

  • This is something I have thought about before and is on my list of something I’d like to do. Now if it will ever happen, who knows xD

  • dev teamspeak, when they are playing… play and chat with devs or maybe just listen in that would be cool. Or… just a livestream for one of them when they are playing the game…

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