[Q]how to play togheter with steam friends

  • Hello
    i’m new in this game, me and a friend of mine would like to play togheter but from the first tries we attempted seemed very tricky to play in the same server. Is out there an easy way to play with a steam friend?

    thanks in advance :P

  • click on the Friends tab in the server browser

    and cross your fingers

  • Sometimes it does not work but it tells you the IP address and port they are connected to.

    So then you can start the game, press ` to open the console and then type

    open <ip address="">:</ip>

  • but to see a friend in the friend tab he should have already joined a server?
    cause seemed to me that the list was empty meanwhile we’re searching for a server where to play.

  • Your friend would need to join the game first before you can join their game.

    Alternatively download this alternate browser and its a little easier to search by name and agree upon the same server you want to join.

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