Level up glitch

  • Hi,

    I’m new to chivalry I was playing it on the free weekend and really enjoyed it. I joined a server last night that was just a normal team deathmatch game but when I killed someone i instantly leveled up to 45 getting all the appropriate leveling achievements.

    Is there any way to reset your level It no longer seems to be progressing i was only level 2 before this happened. Also although i have unlocked the achievements I have not unlocked any of the weapons putting me in bit of a predicament.

    I wasnt getting much luck on the steam servers so i was hoping i could find some support here

  • There is a rank bug, unfortunately you can’t reset it.

  • could be a problem with the free weekend.

  • im also having the same sort of problem. ive only played about 13 hours of the game and im rank 39 on every match and it never goes down to what it should be or goes up. I am still able to unlock weapons on official servers, but it is kind of demoralising to have believed for the past 2 days that i was doing so well that i got rank 39 to then find out the whole time it has been a bug.

    Not only that, there appears to be no way to fix it and find out your real rank.

    i doubt it is something to do with the free weekend because that has finished now and im still having the problem

  • The ranks are saved to Steam cloud so you may need to restart Steam and it should go back to your original rank.

    Also, make sure you’re playing on Official Servers because sometimes people that have their own servers may have changed settings to increase the rank unlock.

  • I have this problem too. Went from rank 0 to 36 after 1 kill and only 2 hours played. Restarted steam and nothing happened. Unlocked a whole whack of weapons as well. Kind of choked about it cuz now the rank isn’t indicative of my skill.

  • same here, i played during free weekend got to around 9 bought the game played still with no problem…suddenly yesterday WHAM lvl 38 :(

  • I’ve got the same problem. Yesterday I was at 19 level and now I am at 39 after I killed only one enemy. It was on unofficial server called
    [FR] Mine-Economy (serveur public …
    (no more on my screenshot is shown about server name).
    Also my achievment relating to lvl 20 was unlocked.
    My nick in the game - I’m lame

    What is really for thought is that some players killed enemy too and their rank was still not at 39 level. I killed player with the name SirHunTer who had not rank on 39 level!
    I can’t get it. Look at the attachments…

  • Same, but older thread: viewtopic.php?f=87&t=12793

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