Having problems connecting to servers.

  • Hey guys, i bought chivalry and played it no problem for the first 49 hours. After that though, for no reason at all i can no longer connect to servers. It stops on the connecting to server window and never actually loads, although for some reason i can load 1 duel server normally and quickly. Please help because i love this game to death. Please tell me if i should post anything else. Thanks guys.

  • created an account just to reply.
    i am also having this issue. the server browser works fine for me but i can’t join any servers.
    it’ll be stuck on “please wait while the server loads…”
    on a side note; this started to happen after installing my new nvidia gpu. probably has nothing to do with it but i did think it was strange.

  • I had the same issue when the free weekend was going on, it’s fine for me today, however a friend of mine who bought the game yesterday is having this issue.

  • Try these steps: viewtopic.php?f=69&t=13860

  • Happens to me now and then, I kill off the steam process and it works.

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