Swing desynced in live game

  • Ok I never really noticed this until recently, and sorry to the guy for thinking it was possibly foul play for this, but I was playing the live game with a friend of mine and we were just messing around just LMB spamming eachother, and even though we had under 30 ping each, every single one of his swings was desynced. I would see it pass me, I’d get hit a second later, and repeat until I was dead. I didn’t think this happened in the live game as I was told it happened in the beta because of the changes to the weapon releases, but I was just wondering if this is known to any devs(regarding the live game, as well as the beta)

  • In your other thread that you made a few days ago about the beta, I linked you to the current bug report on swing desyncs that’s prevalent in the live game.

    It’s got to do with the server not reading what the client is doing correctly, therefore displaying the wrong animation on your screen and creating confusion.
    Sly said they haven’t been able to replicate the issue in the beta so hopefully the issue has been smoothed out in the beta testing.

    With that said, no matter what you do, you will have swing desyncs if you or the server is having connection issues. If you say you and your friend had 30 ping each then I would hazard a guess that the server might have been having load/connection troubles, thus causing your desync/hits through parries.

  • Oop didn’t notice that, thanks. Mods feel free to close

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