Impossible to join a game

  • Hello !

    First of all, excuse my english, i’m from Swizterland !

    I have a problem with Chivalry : Medieval Warfare on my PC : i can’t join any game.
    When I select a server and connect to it, the game load the background of the level and anything else. No menus for select my team, and weapons. I’m stuck in the background and can’t do anything but alt-f4.

    I tried repair the cached files of the game, reinstalling, launching without steam, in administrator mode, but nothing seems to work.
    Indeed, i have no probleme on my laptop who is like my PC, on windows 7, last version of Steam.

    Thank you for reading and maybe helping me !


  • Hello. Lots of people are getting the same issue : viewtopic.php?f=69&t=13723
    Sadly, not a single Dev seems to have made any comment about this big fail yet.
    Wait and see. You may try this (didn’t work for me) : viewtopic.php?f=69&t=13815

  • Do you guys have a firewall running?

    You may have a firewall or some software causing issues with Steam which is giving you a hard time connecting.

  • I have one (with Chivalry/Steam in the exception list). It doesn’t work.
    I have deactivated it to see if the FW was the issue and… I still can’t join.
    I also made a port forwarding in my router for Chivalry/Steam but it didn’t work.
    Members of my Clan have the same issue (so it’s not a software problem on my PC).

  • There is a list of what you need to port forward in this topic:


  • Thanks for the link but I expressed myself wrong.
    I didn’t say I have failed the port forwarding thing.
    I meant I had already done it but the issue remains.

  • You might have to open different ports instead unless you have opened the ports that are listed.

    It seems to be Steam not being able to connect in some way. I’d go over each step in that topic and try each one. Hopefully it will fix whatever problem Steam is causing. :)

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