Team Objectiv quesiton/suggestion

  • The search did not give me any threads near to what i was trying to find, so i decided to make a new thread.

    How come all the TO maps are only played one-sided ?
    Haven´t you all wanted to have a chance to show the other team that you could do better in Attack/Defence ?
    To make it clear, each team should have to play attack and defence to see who is the winner.

    So for example, Team A beats the map (first round on attack / all objectives) in 25 minutes and then Team B attacks and beats it in 22, then Team B wins.
    Another example, Team A can finish the map (first round on attack / all objectives) in X minutes and Team B is stopped and do not achieve the first goal, team A wins.
    Third example: Both teams defend and none finish the final goal, the map is a draw.

    This score/map-system would open more options for clanwars etc.

    One of the reasons why I ask is, it feels odd on some maps where the attackers/defenders have a huge map-advantage when you are forced to be on the opposite side. Then it would be cool if both teams had a chance to show how well they can do and in the end the better team wins.

    What do you think?

  • Not a bad idea.

    Problem is you can switch sides at any time and obviously players come and go, so really you will not be playing against the same team.

    Personally I switch sides to the losing team if it is not going well.

  • I think there should be some Team Objective maps where both sides could take a defensive and agressive role. Like both sides have two team-objectives instead of one.

    So there’s one agressive objective and one defensive objective for both sides. Like “Defend the walls” for Team A, but they also have “Stop Team B reinforcements from coming through the mountain pass”. So Team B has, of course, “Scale the ladders, take the walls!”, which they do by raising the main gate. But they also have “Stop Team A from moving the powder cart to the top of the mountain pass”.

    So say Team A manage to sabotage the mountain pass, the Team B spawn is pressed back a bit. Team A’s other objective is now to “Kill the workers digging a tunnel beneath the walls” while Team B has to “Defend the workers!” at the same time as “Scale the ladders!”… If Team B succeds with either objective, they move forward. If they don’t, they lose when timer is out.

    When Team B has the walls, their next agressive objective would be to “Take the keep” which they do by moving a ram to the gate. Their defensive objective would be to either “Stop Team A from caving in the tunnel” or “Stop Team A from pushing down the ladders and lowering the main gate”, it depends on which objective Team B won by. So that means Team A’s defensive objective is “Stop the ram from getting to the keep” while their agressive objective is “Drive Team B out of the castle” which is done by either, as I said, blowing up the tunnel or lowering the main gate.

    See what I’m getting at?

    And this example here is rather simple. The defensive and agressive objectives could branch away even further, and I hope Torn Banner does something like this. You know, not too straight-forward objectives. Giving players choices.

  • this will work only in tournaments and clans since people come and go on every random server. maybe you could make the 2 teams start both in close bases in the same time and every team needs to capture the base that the other team now deploying at when you capture a base the enemy base goes one backwards… and so on (just like in the fps game “heros and generals”)
    the objectives can be:
    gate openning
    lowering bridge
    or even haveing more people at the same basse than the other team like conquest in battlefield.
    and so on, it needs to be objectives that can go both ways if you push a bomb cart to explod the gate than you cant revers that if the enemy team makes a comeback

  • The idea with switching is not that good, Agatha is actually the good faction and is not supposed to kill Stoneshill’s peasants. However, the other suggestions with an attacking and a defending objective for each team is very exciting.

  • @SavageBeatings
    Now that is a very cool idea.

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