Intentional team killing

  • I have noticed a few people purposely team killing or throwing oil pots at team members in choke points to do damage to them and they have done this repeatedly in multiple rounds.

    I know there is votekick but they can just rejoin automatically so maybe votekick should like temp ban people from the server for like an hour or something because right now they can be back in the game in less than half a minute.

    Just thinking there should be some way to kick them out but not like permanently ban them.

  • votekick ~should~ be a temp ban for some time. Will have a coder look at it :)

  • Thanks b3h47pte, I thought it should but wasn’t 100% sure.

  • Yes, I think you were in the same game I was. Certainly, earlier this evening there was a guy who did nothing but team kill and then jump into water to his death when he was the last guy alive, etc. What a waste. Still, hopefully he paid for the beta rather than be given a key for free.

  • In America’s Army (game Online), teamkilling is sanctionned by leaving room… Maybe, on this game is possible ? :D

  • yep , i remember it if you did too much TK, you ve been kicked from the server and you were placed in a jail.
    was funny

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