Help i can't play good

  • The problem is that the mouse is so slow in the main menu and in the party is so lagg and i can’t play good. Please help me because i can play this fantastic game. Thanks. :)

  • Hello, welcome to the forums. I’m sorry to hear you’re having the problem.

    If your mouse is too slow, you could try changing the mouse sensitivity in the configuration. If you are experiencing lag, make sure that the server you join has a low ping. When you browser servers, sort them by ping to see the lowest ping servers.

    If that does not work, post back here and I’ll do what I can to help you. :)

  • yes i try to change the sensibility and i nothing. I have the game by steam .

  • Unplug and plug your mouse back in.

    I also found a possible solution for it: … 987919492/

  • thanks i will try all those things

  • You’re welcome. Hopefully it works. :)

  • @Keith:

    You’re welcome. Hopefully it works. :)

    Hehe Keith it seems like you really want to be a chivalry forums moderator :)

  • Haha no. There is already enough forum moderators so there is no need for anymore.

    I just want people to be able to play the game. Imagine how frustrating it must be to get the game and then it doesn’t work? So I’d try my best to help those so hopefully it can work for them.

    Plus, the more players that can play, the bigger the community. The bigger the community, the more that might try to join clans which means a bigger competitive scene.

    Everyone benefits from more players so if there are problems preventing people from playing, I’m going to do what I can to help them out. You don’t need to be a moderator to lend a hand. :)

  • i try to unistall steam and install it again and didn’t do anything

  • I’m not sure. It could be a hardware issue.

    What are your computer specs?

  • You probably want to attach your dxdiag.txt or tell us your cpu, ram, video card etc to make sure you meet the min requirements.

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