Just a quick idea for Feints

  • So I have looked into the past few posts about ideas for feints and i havent really seen this one so i figured what the hell…What if when you feint, 30% of your weapon is reduced, maybe less. So if im using a weapon and i feint someone, i got 2-3 seconds after pressing Q that keeps my weapon damage reduced. this will help extend battles and give people more of a chance to bounce back. ofcourse it will also make people second guess themselves.

    now what about those double or triple feinters, well you just keep reducing. so if the feint reduces say 20% then triple feinters will lose 60% of power in that swing. meaning them being a asshole will result in a very weak attack.

    let me know what you guys think

  • this game isnt the fastest pace game ever and it doesnt need a boost in making battles go longer i think it better stick with the fients as they are right now. it drains stamina after all, if you do 2-3 feints you dont have enough stamina for a hit anyway llol

  • damage reduction has been suggested with feints before already

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