Server not connecting. Try these steps:

  • So it seems that some players are having a hard time connecting to the servers. I’m going to list every possible step for you to go through and hopefully by the end it should work for you.

    1) You could be running a firewall that is causing problems with Steam. Try running the game without the firewall.

    Here are steps taken from Steam support:

    "To ensure reliability, make sure you are using a wired connection to the internet. Close the Steam client application and remove all instances of the following executables from your firewall’s permissions list:

    Permissions for these executables will need to be re-learned by your firewall.

    Open Steam to allow your firewall to re-learn permissions for the Steam executables. If your firewall does not prompt you to set new permissions, the security settings may be too strict - you will need to change these settings so you will be prompted to set permissions.
    Give the Steam executables permission for all TCP and UDP ports when prompted.

    Restart your computer and load Steam."

    If that doesn’t work, it could be a program preventing it.

    2) You could be running a program that is causing problems with Steam.

    Look here for a list of programs that could be causing an issue. LIST.

    3) Your wireless connection is having a problem.

    Try running the game with a wired connection and see if that works. Steam does not work well with a router that is running in DMZ mode.

    You may need to open ports for Steam to allow better connection. You can find the list of ports in this link. PORTS!

    4) You may need to reinstall Steam itself.

    To reinstall Steam without losing your games, do the following:

    Go to your steam folder directory, and delete everything except:

    Steam.exe (also known as the application under 'type)
    Steamapps (contains your game files)
    Userdata (This is optional, as it contains game saves for some games)

    Launch Steam again, and try running the game after it installs itself.

    5) Try Remixx’s Alternet Server Browser:

    You can find the server browser here. BROWSER

    6) Try connecting to a server in this list.

    Go to this server list, try joining one of the servers by opening the server i.p address in game. Afterwards try joining a different server using the in-game server browser.

    Here is the list of servers. SERVERS!

    7) You may need to verify your game files.

    Right click on Chivalry in your game library. Click properties, go to the local tab then press Verify Game File/Cache.

    Also, after you do that, go to your UDK.exe file which will be in the Binaries > Win32 folder and run the game from that.

    8) You may have to kill Steam process.

    Shut down Steam and go to your task manager. Kill any Steam processes and restart Steam and Chivalry. Run the game and try joining a server.

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