Lag Spikes

  • Hello when playing chivalry i expierience 5-15 second lag spikes. During this time i can still move however my screen only puts out a frame every few seconds and i cant track the progress, my audio and actions however aren’t delayed. This is a massive problem as it happens once every few minutes and makes the game frustrating to play on occasions as i usually end up dead at the end. My ping averages at 30ms and i play on uk servers (where i live). I run the game at its lowest specs due to this problem and it runs perfectly outside of these spikes. It doesnt happen on any other games i play such as cs, zombie panic source and guild wars 2 (on medium detail).

    Sorry that was a bit of a mouthfull but does anybody have any suggestions to help fix the problem?

  • I see it now and then, usually its server specific. If its an Official Server Kimi may be able to restart it.

  • Usually i play on the official server’s but i rotate about them a fair bit… Ill try playing on a different server network and see if it helps at all…

  • Yesterday it didn’t happen to me at all, but today every server i play on is doing it, it doesnt seem to be a server specific issue.

  • You also have to consider the health of the Internet.

    With a mostly unshielded transmission infrastructure, an uptick of solar radiation, all the DDOS attacks and cyberwarfare - it’s a wonder we can even post on forums. :P

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  • Try lowering Ragdoll setting.

    I noticed that it was my major FPS eater.
    Check for vertical sync. maybe turning off will help.
    Double check for vertical sync. setting in nvidia control panel, try forcing it off too.

    Last but not least you may try to turn of frame smoothing, but it needs config files change. (there is walkthrough for it somewhere on this forum).

    ahh.check for Antialiasing options (ingame and nvidia panel) turn it off and check if it helps.

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