Chivalry : Medieval Tutorial (it really is)

  • Hello there!
    With the free weekend and all, I’ve played again the tutorial a couple of time (mostly because I kept getting stuck) Of course, the tutorial is not the main thing in this game, but it really is important to have one that isn’t as glitched as the one in this game.

    I’ve made this video out of fun. It silly, but everything is easily reproductible. A newcomer could press the wrong key and find himself in a bad situation in which the only way to move foward is to restart the whole level.

    Here’s a few thing that need to be fixed:

    -Lock v when it is not needed. this is the main issue with the tutorial, since you are playing as a Man at Arm. You can only dodge backward, even in situations when you can’t move.

    -Switch weapon. At all time you can switch to fists, but in the first part, it can get you stuck. Again, lock it when it is not necessary.

    -Better A.I… In the video, I managed to completly shut down the bot when he was supposed to attack me. With absolutly no effort, I managed to stuck myself.

    -F10. Most of the time, that command is locked, but somehow, there is some place where you can do it. Half the time it will bring you to 1 hp, other time it will kill you and send you back in that cube of doom in the video. You can also do it right before the final cutscene.

    -Text in the middle of the screen. This happens mostly in the class section of the tutorial. If you are doing some steps to quickly, the message won’t get away. You can even have 2-3 messages at the same time.

    -The ram. This glitch is also there in the main game. You can turn around while using the ram when clearly that’s not supposed to happen.

    -Achievements. It’s well known that all 3 of them in the tutorial are not working. If the tutorial was to be fixed, this should be fixed aswell.

    I hope this could help you to fix the game!
    Edit : I made a mistake, I wanted to post this in the Bug Reports section. Mods, feel free to change the place of this thread.

  • We’ve got a lot of tutorial bugs on our internal bug tracker, but they’re not very high priority right now. Basically, most of the things you can do to break the tutorial aren’t things a first time player would even attempt, and that’s obviously who the tutorial is aimed at. Of course some of them like the stuck text is very easy to make happen, so things like that will probably be what’s fixed first. Do appreciate the video though, wasn’t aware of some of this.

  • I know that most of those glitches won’t happen to a first time player, but pressing v by accident is not something impossible to happen. Same if they press 4 by accident.

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