Medieval Tournament Mode

  • Ok, I love this game, it’s awesome; yes it still has some slight imbalances and just some ridiculously OP mechanisms such as turning your mouse to extend/delay your swing, but overall I love this game.

    Anyway on to my idea

    So I was thinking of a future game mode where you got to participate in a Medieval Tournament.

    You could have a jousting competition, although I’m not sure exactly how to go about it, but I’m sure the devs could think of something. Of course a traditional melee competition where the last knight standing wins. A dual competition. An archery competition, seriously, how fucking robin hood would that be. You could even have moving targets…WITH PEASANTS CARRYING THE TARGETS (of course you would be penalized for killing a peasant).

    Points could be assigned based on how well you place in each event, and the man with the most points wins the tournament and gets to go to bed with Lord Malric’s daughter…or maybe just win a cool helm instead.

    Any thoughts or other ideas?

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