New mechanic idea; deflecting

  • Hey, deflecting is an idea for in game combat mechanic that I think might be cool, post your replies on what you guys think. Why did I thought of new mechanic? I heard some things about drags removal in beta. I am sure it is not that bad but even if something like this would be implied, we would need something else that could make combat better. I do use drags a lot but fixing them to work better and more fair is probably a good idea. Without drags though, we only got feints left? I don’t like that, since feints are just cheap, that’s my opinion and I don’t think it’s going to be changed, we are all entitled to have one. Another reason why new mechanic is a good thing is because why not? It’s good for game to grow and improve.

    Deflecting is a mechanic that allows you to deflect attacks, so yes it’s kinda like parry. The difference would be in how it’s done and what you get out of it.
    To deflect an attack you would need to hold some button, lets say q for example(yes I know q is feint, just an example) and attack in a way that would correspond with an attacker. So for example if you see an overhead coming, hold q and do your own overhead to deflect incoming one. Just do the same attack your opponent does. When you deflect it would not look like normal attack. Maybe make it so your weapon is pointed up a little for horizontals, comes from below for overheads, and just point down and swap to the side for stabs.
    It would be different from normal block because it would need be little more precise, takes time to execute it(have the wind up?), but when you deflecting someone, it sends their weapon to the side you deflect it too and turns their vision there too, so it makes a little opening. It should not be a stun and attacking immediately after you deflected someone should not be possible(what I mean is that it should not be like riposte/parry, you can still do normal attack after). It would consume more stamina than block too. You can still block incoming attack after being deflected, just fix your vision, so in the way it adds more precision and intensity. I also think that two handed should be able to deflect one handed way more off than two handed vs two handed. One handed should deflect two handed less than normal effect(but full effect if done with shield?). Also I think deflection should make a small hit area to counter feinters, it should be less than normal dmg. Just minor damage to flinch out feinter from follow up attack.
    I think it would be cool mechanic and not without it’s weaknesses. You can’t riposte, needs more precision. It would add more variety to combat and intensity.
    All I described is just an idea, if anyone disagrees with something or think it’s a bad idea there is no need to get offensive, we are here just to discuss.

  • existing mechanics should be happy before adding more

    i could see the addition of this being the buggiest thing ever

  • It’s an interesting idea, but with everything in the game as it is I think it’d just be overkill having an “ability” like this on top.

    I mean I’m still learning something new and improving every day without having this in the game. I think it’d also overwhelm new players to the game.

    Also as the white supremacist said, I could see this being pretty buggy.

    If they work with 1 hander feints and fix ghosting, the game would be in such a great place without the need for a new mechanic.

  • This is something that would have to make it into the combat system from the beginning.

  • Interesting idea. The deflection part of the deflection idea anyway. I don’t like the flinch part of it though. People wouldn’t use it against just feinters now would they. That part will be the new feinting.

    Mouse dragging of swings I’m perfectly fine with. For the most part they are rather easy to read.

    Feinting is very hard to read. You really need to know the player your up against and always block late. Beyond the point where they can feint. And its my understanding in the beta that margin where you can feint is much smaller. The grandmace is probably the hardest to feint with. As its just that slow so the person can succesfully parry agin before the swing lands. Provided he parries early and there’s not much mouse dragging going on. Maul feints are so slow that your can do the second no ok and still get hit as the maul is in readable slow. Maul feints work backwards.

    Other than that one handers and most two handed feints are rather hard to read. Though with one handers blocking late (down to 0.05 ms in some cases) can save you as the weapon is fast end ouch to still hit your block if you block late. Its the fast and medium speeds two handers that blocking late probably won’t help you much.

    Ducking is very useful against feints. If you get feinted, duck. Be extra tricky back to them. Its brilliant. Even the most skilled of players can be left standing there wondering what happened. Hardly anyone ducks let alone after a feint.

    But I’m going way off topic now ain’t I.

    The first part of your idea is good. Second part not so much.

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