I could use some help..

  • …with resetting my stats.
    When I started playing for the first time this weekend, I got into a server where one kill apparently ranks you up 20 levels.
    I hate that and would like to have everything back to zero.
    And as I have just registered I can’t make any messages to contact an admin.
    So some help would be much appreciated!

  • There is no way to reset your levels. Do you know which server it was?
    This doesn’t happen on the official servers.

  • No I don’t remember the name of the server, and it wasn’t an official server.
    But it sucks being new in a game and already level 26 xD

  • Noticed this happening quite a lot, a few guys I was playing at different times were rank 35+ so naturally being rank 35 myself, I pay a bit of attention fighting them… but they just felt weaker than they should be. After talking to them I discovered that they were in fact early 20’s or even as low as rank 6!

    It’s really weird… Though there must be a way to reset your stats?

  • Yep… same happend to me i played on all kinds of servers during free weekend and out of it… and suddenly WHAM i got from 9 to 38 :/ really bummed me out…

  • While playing on an official server right now, all my stats were reset to zero, so it seems the gods have listened. I am most grateful for that :D

    Edit: Was apparently only one of these temporary “reset bugs”. Oh well…

  • The rank thing is a known bug, but it never lasts. Usually a reconnect or server change will fix it. If not, close the game and open it again. But that bug has never been permanent, and it resets back to the proper rank. It also bugs the other way too, yesterday I was a rank 5 with rank 43 skills :p

  • Haha that seems like a nice way of surprising people that thinks you’re new :D
    But it would be nice if there’s any possibility that my stats could be reset.
    It’s not really that much of a problem, it’s just that I would like to acheive all my weapons and levels through hard work instead of getting a tier 3 weapon after one kill xD

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