¤TmW¤ TrueMonkeyWarriors Recruiting.

  • Hey there fellow Chivalry fans !. it brings me great pleasure to inform you all that
    TrueMonkeyWarriors Are recruiting new members.

    Who are we ?
    TrueMonkeyWarriors or ¤TmW¤ is a group of gamers that enjoy multiplayer focussed games such as Chivalry Medieval Warfare and several other games which i will not mention out of my deep respect for the creators of Awesome Chivalry !.

    Why join you guys ?

    We are a social lot that want to enjoy Chivalry not just to be pro but also for the sake of enjoying games. most of the time our members are on TS3 chatting to eachother while doing battles. and once we challenge another clan or are challenged we deeply communicate so we can find the best balance between the class preference of our members.

    So feel free to contact me either using this forum or add me on Steam
    [Acc name: yoshidojima]
    [Gamersname: ¤TmW¤MonkeyMaster]

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