Game Crash, help please

  • I have recently bought the game and was very excited to play it, my system specs should be able to play it without breaking a sweat but for some reason i am unable to play the game as it simply crashes, sometimes as soon as it loads other times it will crash when i connect to a server or when i click on the training thing.

    any help getting this game to run properly would be very much welcome.



  • Problem continues, I’ve tried:

    -verify game cache
    -run in various compatibility modes
    -updated drivers, directx, etc…
    -running in fullscreen/windowed
    -changing graphic settings

    the furthest i can get is join a server although it will periodically hang for a few seconds intermittently from the menu screen but once i join a server it crashes and locks up the pc forcing a manual reboot.

    I been dying to play this but it hates me :( any suggestions that can get this working is welcome, please help to sort this out so i can go medieval on peoples asses.

  • What happens when it ‘crashes’? Go to desktop, freeze, blue screen, etc?
    Is there an error message?
    Post the dmp file if you have one.

    Anyway - my standard advice is to nuke it from orbit:

    1. Uninstall from Windows control panel (NOT from steam)
    2. Delete the My Games/Chivalry folder (after the uninstall)
    3. Restart computer
    4. Reinstall through Steam

  • After trying everything fore mentioned the game still crashes but results in a system hang state as if it were a blue screen but only staying frozen on whatever is on screen, this leads me with no choice but to manually reboot the computer. the blue screen does not show in the system logs.

    Previous logs of similar events can be found in the original post.

    most recent game log:

    most recent dxdiag:

  • Hello. Sorry to hear you are having this problem.

    I’m going to try my best to hopefully find a solution for you.

    First tell me, do you run any other programs while you run Chivalry?

  • typically while gaming i keep my running applications minimal:

    Bigfoot network card utility
    comodo internet security (game mode)
    Belkin nostromo loadout manger (for my n52)
    Logitech software (for G35 and G700)
    Nvidia driver task tray
    Steam (get priority traffic as do all games via network card)
    Sometimes Skype altho that has made no difference as i have run with and without it running (set to a lower priority on the network card)

    Typical running processes:
    [attachment=0:10you63p]running programs.txt[/attachment:10you63p]

  • I would close all that are possible, including the internet security and try running the game.

  • has no effect, any other ideas?

  • Try every possible solution in this list:


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