Fire team damage

  • Hey!

    I was recently votekicked for “votekick-spamming” as they called it. A guy on my team kept throwing firepots and torches at me, resulting in me dying. As a result I called several non-successful votekicks to remove him from the game, as he was ruining the whole experience. The votekicks failed, as the server was filled with his buttbuddies and/or biased people/beginners, and eventually they kicked me for calling votekicks on a teamkiller (the teamkills happened repeatedly).
    I’ve played Chivalry since the kickstarter last year, and I hope you do something about this. Add firedamage as teamdamage when applied to teammates - and maybe add a limit so only people swearing, being idle and doing teamdamage can be kicked.

    Additionally this happened on a public server.



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