Player Health Modifier

  • I’m curious if this is a server option or you could set this outside of FFA.

    I’d like to eventually be able to modify (as you can teamdamage) team health. This way, if you want to have some crazy matches, you could increase every classes health by a percentage on your server, and the fights would be a little more drawn out, requiring more hits to kill each class. I know if you want some long duels, in ffa duel you can decrease the team damage amount, i think it’d be nice to be able to change the health as well. Think of the chaos!

  • I can see it now:
    Similar to the TF2 Saxton Hale, it’ll be a LTS game type with only one person allowed on the Mason team. Each Mason class will get OHK abilities and 10-20x health while the other team tries to take down the “Saxton” before they all die.

  • i’m thinking just a percentage modifier for all players on the server, as the teamdamage is set for now.

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