Skipping Flinch By Switching Weapons

  • When you switch weapons, you’re able to ignore flinch and swing/stab/punch/whatever.

  • Yeah, this one has been brought up before. It is actually very useful for archers as they switch from bow to short sword and can stab your really fast ignoring flinch.

  • And flinch generally takes the same amount of time as a weapon change. Let alone a change and an attack.

    A smart archer would change earlier.

  • Yeah trading hits is not what you want to do as an archer.

  • Its only good when you get hit with your bow out and then switching to secondary immediately which will bypass the flinch allowing you to hit your opponent quickly. Incredibly useful but also a bug

  • It is very noticeable when you catch an archer with his ranged weapon out…. smack him once and as you go to combo the finishing blow (even with a fast one-hander) he suddenly stabs you.

    It’s worst if the archer had shot you as you were swinging at him, since the stab will probably be lethal, turning what should have been a culling of an archer who made a mistake into an easy kill for an archer despite his mistake.

  • You can also perform the shield animation cancelling after a flinch to produce the same results.

  • This happened to me when I was fighting Planetus once and he was Archer. I ran up to him, stabbed him as he switched weapon, I combo’d, like any sane person would, only to be hit during my combo windup and was like WTF, because it happened so fast. It ultimately resulted in my death, which made it even worse, lol.

  • Now I can see switching to your secondary to hit trade becoming a new “tactic” like switching to secondary after being parried was in AoC :x

  • Nobody could escape my dagger of death in AoC. It was like pulling a Jaime Lannister vs Jory, only over and over again.

  • def noticed this when using the maul… my combo cannot get off in time for certain classes with 1h weapons. It can be real lame and i don’t want this “tactic”.

    There really are people that turn every little loophole into a tactic these days.

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