[REQUEST] Linux Dedicated Server

  • Hey guys,

    I’m asking for (I hope so) an not imposible thing: Linux Dedicated Servers.

    I’m already running some chivalry servers with wine, but its really not the best solution anyways ;) Crashes and a bad performance (don’t know that’s caused by wine or the game itself) where the game ‘main’ thread is only using 1 core, using an amd cpu with formerly know lower performance per core (but 8 cores) its horribly and nearly unplayable with 20-24 players on it (pings 100 and up with this one thread consuming 100% of one core).
    Guessing wine isn’t the cause of this, the dedicated server needs some really multi thread improvements (I remember reading about something on that already here in this forum).

    But, like I said, the best would be an Linux dedicated server for this game. Beside the hopefully better performance (depends on the implementation on Linux) this would take care of the partly horribly server situation in many parts of the world (like here on Europe, its hard to find an non lagging non-highping server thats not full). Further, windows server are more expensive for less performance at all (witch is a point for Linux, but I don’t want to start an unix <> windows flame war here pls)

    Maybe the devs give this thing some priority (after some other things, we have lots of bugs out there ;) )

    ps: great work on the game ;)

    (btw, killing floor as example got great linux dedicated servers, running on the same engine as I know)

  • Kickstart linux server & mac + linux client support. See how fast the goal reaches completion. Seriously good games and games with good gameplay and good multiplayer gameplay are scarese as of today.

    Upping player count and creating bigger maps makes sense for this game at the very least. You want the servers on linux for that to done sucessfuly.

    The way i see it is the gameplay of chivalry is compelling enough to bring it to “AAA” status. If scaled up to bigger player count, bigger maps, and proper server implementation.

    Anyway you should consider the value of a good base for chivalry2, on UE4 or whatever engine you select in the future. Going opengl, linux/*nix dedicated server, is the only sane way forward.

    My fantasy is to plug in my oculus rift, enter a server with a player count equal to large scale battles of history. And playing till the last man drops. Please dont make it a pipedream =)


  • Full acknowledgement zoktar, this game has triple A potential.

  • I’m going to pre-emptively say this: do not turn this thread into a *Nix vs Window or OpenGL vs Direct3D debate.

    On that note, it would be nice getting it to run on Linux though I think it’d be a decent amount of work.

  • Confirm. Yeah. Please make Linux distro. That will be great. :)

  • As I did some extensive testing, I was hindered by the following, whether its my strong linux dedi or the small windows vserver (rented for situations like this).

    XINPUT1_3.dll missing.

    Why would I want to install directx stuff for a dedicated server?

    I was trying to like update the server via windows vserver and move it to my linux one to use with wine(as it has 1,4ghz stronger core power) , but that didn’t work because of the reason above. That should get fixed I guess?

  • Dedicated Server runs great on a Debian Wheezy Server with wine 1.6.
    No issues with Laggs or high Ping.
    CPU load seems ok too.

    Here are the Hardware-Specs of my server:

    CPU: AMD Opteron 3365
    RAM: 16 GB DDR3
    Network: 1 Gbit/s

    You have to compile wine 1.6 by yourself. I can give you my debian Package if u need - just write a pn to me.

  • We don’t need it on WINE. We need dedicated server distro! We want it for CLI.

  • Agreed 100%.

  • Nothing new?

  • Would love to see this also, WINE just isn’t cutting it.

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