Need some help: Bots and Arrows

  • TL’DR-Can I make a script to kill all archer bots?

    Hello all. I run a small local LAN server for a few friends of mine. We enjoy playing quite a bit, and we add a lot of Bots to make the game more lively. We avoid maps with major bot pathing issues (like aocto-darkforest) and still have quite a bit of fun. The bots can be a challenge when they swarm you.

    Thus my problem: Archer bots. They are useless. You can be standing right next to them and they can’t hit you. They don’t actually shoot. They are mere fodder. So if a large wave shows up, and 1/4 or more are archers, it’s still not very challenging. Fire archers bots are effective, but they spawn too irregularly to be of real use.

    So, I want to make it so there are no bot archers. I spoke to the Devs at Pax East this year, and went over a few ideas, but it seems even if I disable archers as a class, the bots can still spawn as them because, and I quote, “The bots do whatever they want.”

    Now, understandably, bot updates are of low, if not the lowest priority. I completely agree, but I thought I would turn to the community to see if you had any ideas. Is is possible, for example, to have a script run that detects when an archer bot spawns, and immediately kill it? This will, hopefully, have it respawn as a non-archer. I know there is a console command to kill all the bots. But I can’t get them to respawn if I use it.

    So, any creative thoughts or suggestions? I know next to nothing about server scripting like this in games, but I do know how to code/program so hit me. Thanks!

  • i have also wondered why this is the case.

    i run a dedicated server and theres lots of mods and lots of bots, and they do chew through you and they do like you say whatever they want.

    ive watched them battle cry in mid air, get knocked back in mid air and just stop and fall to the ground without kicking which is impossible otherwise, attack with no flinch, and they are also learning, cause they do stuff now that they didnt used to do.

    they are starting to combo now also,which they have never done in 8 months of watching them everyday

    my theory on this is that they are stuck in 3rd person view, which makes sense because
    i did get shot by 1 bot archer with a bow and 1 with a cbow in 8 months though, and how they shot me confirms that they are in 3rd person.

    i was to the right of the person the bot was shooting at, and it hit me instead.
    the 3rd person view shoots to the left.

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