New Weapons Ideas

  • Filthy Peasant Weapons DLC
    Hand Scythe/Scythe
    Lumber Axe
    Butcher’s Meat Cleaver

    War Scythe
    Sawtooth Sword

  • Before somebody else says otherwise…

    Yes, it is possible to use a scythe in combat effectively. Sir Paul hector mair even wrote about scythe and sickle combat in de arte athletica.

    It’s not that hard to imagine the benefits a scythe would have in combat. it could hook and grab limbs, shields, and weapons, for example.

    I’m not saying it should be included, as for a scythe to be truly effective as a weapon, you’d have to modify it in other ways (assuming you don’t rotate the blade, which WAS done, but defeats the purpose of this argument), which never actually happened as far as I know.

  • Well I know a certain member of our forums here would die of happiness if a scythe was added.

  • The only other weapon I agree with is the war scythe. The rest are too out of place.

    Though many will be In the upcoming bushido mod.

  • @King:

    would die of happiness

    oh good one.

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