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    So here I am in hospital for one of many days recovering from a bit of meningitis, and yknow the worst thing about this whole ordeal?

    Nah, not spinal taps.

    In this entire hemotology isolation ward, which is a very posh name, there is not even a HINT of chivalry. I expect better. I dont need drip bags full of shit, i need CHIVALRY. Why dont these doctors get it?!

    I tire of antibiotics… i thirst… FAW BLAAAAAAAAD

  • @Triumphant:

    I dont need drip bags full of shit

    You’ve come to the wrong place, then.

  • You would think that getting ahold of blood in a hospital’d be a piece of cake.

  • @Slacka:

    You would think that getting ahold of blood in a hospital’d be a piece of cake.

    :lolz: I was about to say that!
    Hope you get better soon! As posh as the hospital seems, I imagine chivalry being much more fun.

  • Any hot nurses?

  • @Triumphant:

    I don’t need drip bags full of shit

    But judging by your username, you’d be reunited with your people. :D

    Hope you get better man.

  • @gregcau:

    Any hot nurses?

    He will then request a pic. so that he can add it to his signature.

  • aw greg. greg greg greg. greg my man, the female senior doctors down in Resus and Intensive were absolutely amazing. I swear they hadnt actually been to med school, but were there to be ridiculously amazingly hot and inspire you to live, which they bloody will do in anyone.

    Up here in the ward, not as jaw dropping, but I wouldnt say no to at least 75%. But dem doctors man. dem doctors.

    As I am a turd by birth, the natural remedy for me would appear to be rehydrating me with my own matter, which logically is shit. The levels of shit in my blood are slowly replenishing and I may be released later today. And when i do there will be blood.

    And christ, im in a ward with the rooms all around me predominantly filled with cancer patients - not even a good mason like myself would slake his thirst faw blad on these poor devils. Im afraid in here, im the lucky one. :(

    Cheers for the wellwishing though :). Ill be back lopping heads soon enough

  • You are turd thirsting for blood? So you want to have dysentery then?

  • K, so we got a thread with shit, blood, and hot nurses. This is relevant to my interests.

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