Rank 40 but just 26 hours played

  • right, i am getting a bit fed up of this… and despite notifying torn banner plenty of times here, and on the steam community of this problem, there has not been a fix put in place.

    i have played the game for 26 hours. how could i possibly be rank 40?

    if i am THAT good, please torn banner, tell me / confirm it. i`ll gladly give you my steam account name so you can help me with it. if not, then WHEN will this be fixed? it’s stopping me from gauging my level of experience and expertise in dueling in the game. lots of players rank higher than that are dueling me and quoting me on why i die more often than not and then when i tell them i am not really rank 40 they:

    1. laugh and say that’s not possible, whatever it says i am is what i am
    2. say i am talking bull when i say ive only played 26 hours

    i am just getting mocked quite a few times and if this bug didn’t exist in the first place then i would not have this annoying problem. not only that - i am NOT the only one.

    the newest change into this is that today, i achieved while on a FFA server but old duels mode, rank 40. it showed up on my screen a large black banner “Rank 40” and still hopping back and forth to other servers and back to that one, it’s sticking, and same goes for official servers. am i ACTUALLY rank 40 or not?

    and when is this going to be fixed? it’s hard to believe i am that rank when some players have played over 200 hours before getting to that rank. i need to know please. thanks.

  • Just tell them it is not a rare bug, because it is not.

  • I want to know if this is temporary or not, because I’ve bought it up and was told it won’t stay and it’s not like I can verify it myself.

  • It seems to sometimes fix itself and sometimes remain. Uncertain if it’s two separate bugs or one bug presenting itself in two separate ways. It’s a difficult problem to diagnose.

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