I might be an idiot - Combo's

  • Okay so I have never seen this said before so I may just be late to the discussion on this. Typically for each type of attack, slashes, overheads, or poke, if you were to slash over and over, you could do 3 slashes until you have to change attacks. Or if you did 3 overhands you can do 3 before having to change to keep the combo going.

    I found out (fucking today for the first time) that you can keep your combo going as long as you have stamina by using an alternate keybind. For example, i have my alt slash bound to a side mouse button… so if i keep pressing that button, i will slash over and over about 7 times before my stamina runs out back and forth from left to right, right to left.

    If i do the overhead bind over and over, i can repeatedly go back and forth between overheads 7 times as well (knight).

    I thought it was the intent that to keep combos going you had to change attack every 3… so i am not sure if having the alt keys bound affecting this is intended or a bug. For now, you could catch someone pretty off guard by having a 4th slash thrown into the mix lol. I don’t think it’s a huge deal or even a serious issue, but just wondering if this is intended.

  • It’s been talked about before, I guess not that much. But I was aware of this as well, and doesn’t exactly seem like it was meant to be intended.

  • I noticed this shortly after the new attacks came out.

    Although there’s a kind of psychotic joy to be had non-stop mercilessly comboing overheads against players without being parried.

    I guess people don’t talk about it much since it doesn’t exactly affect gameplay much, since comboing the same attack more than 3 times is very rare and there’s not really much of an advantage to be gained in not vary your attacks.

  • I thought this was already on our bug tracker, but apparently not :?

    Thanks for the reminder.

  • can we keeps it?

  • Yeh, personally I don’t see the reason behind the 3 combo limit. It’s very rare that you ever hit that limit before feinting, needing to parry or using another attack. When it does happen it is often completely unexpected and feels more like something bugged rather than it’s an intended mechanic.

    This is talking about comp level ofc. Infinite slash spamming might not be great for pubs…

  • Maybe just limit horizontals?

    The main point of the mechanic is to force an opening in pubs if someone’s just helicoptering, so that newbies can get a chance to counter what would otherwise be nigh unstoppable for them.

    I’ll tell you it’s bloody fun to be in a situation that lets you combo 5 overheads in a row, and it’s not exactly abusive like it would be to do 5 horizontals in a row to keep all the enemies from being able to get a chance to counterattack. In pubs of course.

  • There are feinting noises each character makes when he does over 3 combos. But that’s changing up your attacks. You can do about 6-8 combos with most 2hander attacks if you alternate between overhead, stab and slash.

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