[FINISHED] THE NA 8v8 TO Tournament.

  • [image:2bgb6uss]http://d2oadd98wnjs7n.cloudfront.net/medias/839397/primary_pictures/full/20130529193617-Img1.jpg?1369881379[/image:2bgb6uss]
    I’m happy to announce the NA 8v8 TO Tournament. Check out our indiegogo campaign HERE!

    Dates and Times (Times subject to minor variation. Dates are not):

    Saturday June 22nd: 3 PST- around 8 PST
    Sunday June 23rd: 6 PST - around 8 PST

    Saturday June 29th: 3 PST- around 8 PST
    Sunday June 30th: 6 PST - around 8 PST

  • 8v8 Team Objective Tournament 1 Rules


    Format: Team Objective
    Servers: Provided (Unless otherwise agreed Upon)
    Friendly Fire: 100%
    Third Person: Disabled
    Modifications: None Allowed
    Class Balance: 50% rule
    Duel: Yes. For first side choice.
    Map Selection: Predetermined.
    Spectators: None
    Winning Conditions: Whichever team accomplishes more objectives. If the same amount of objecives are completed, then the ref may call it based on the progress made on the last objective. If no ref call is made, the time in which the preceding objectives were completed will determine the victor.

    Complete Rules

    1. Registration
    1a. Your roster may consist of a minimum of 8 individuals and a maximum of 15.
    1b. You must post your roster to the designated thread on the chivalry forums with each member’s STEAM ID. If you fail to post the roster in the proper format, then your roster will not be accepted. To find
    1b.1. The deadline to make changes for your roster is June 16 at 12:00 AM. Until that time you may make any changes necessary by merely posting in the thread.

    2. Scheduling, Attendance, and Score Reporting
    2a. Each match will have at least one ref present. The ref will take a screenshot of each map’s final scoreboard and report it in the requisite thread. They will also be required to take a status screenshot of all individuals in the server for each map and post this to the same area as well.
    2b. If a team doesn’t show up within a 5 minute grace period of when the match is scheduled to begin, then that team will forfeit the match. The ref will be required to provide a screenshot of the server as well as the time via steam overlay as proof.
    2b.1. If a team cannot field 8 members, they will be disqualified. If the ref and the other team approve, mercs can be found for the incomplete teams and the match purely for the sake of entertainment.

    3. Server
    3a. Each match will be played on a provided server unless the following conditions are met:

    • Both parties mutually agree upon a different server
    • That server has enough room to allow for all combatants (including the alotted number of spectators) and tournament personel
    • The admin password for that server will be changed to a password specified by the ref for the duration of the match.
    • That server will have to have all settings specified by the rules in place.
    • A team may, at any point before or between maps, may opt to change to a tournament provided server or, if also agreed upon by the other team, another server that satisfies all the conditions above.
      b. A referee must verify that all game settings for that server are in keeping with the tournament’s game settings.
      b.1. A referee will also reserve the right to change what server the match is to be played on.

    4. Connection issues
    4a. If, once a match is called live, a team suffers connection issues, it will be up to both the ref and the opposing team whether the round will be reset.
    4b. If a member of either team is lagging or teleporting excessively the ref require that the team use another sub. Any individual with a consistent ping of over 200 will be ejected as well. A consistent ping of 120 accompanied by complaints from players in the match will result in ejection as well.
    4c. If a member consistently lag spikes (3 or more times in one match), they may be ejected if there is a complaint.

    5. Settings
    5a. Third person is disallowed
    5b. Friendly Fire will be set to 100%
    5c. No Modifications will be allowed to the game unless they are purely aesthetic and submitted to the mods in the appropriate forum.
    5d. Each match is to take place on the current patch.
    5e. All non-input/graphical settings not mentioned specifically in the rules are to be set to the default settings of the game.

    6. Maps
    6a. All default maps for this game type are allowed with the exception of Citadel.
    6a.1. Which map will be played in each match will be predetermined.

    7. Class balance
    7a. A single class may comprise no more than 50% of one’s composition.
    7a.1. If a team violates this rule and does not immediately switch back before any engagements are made then this will result in two minutes being taken off the objecitve time. The ref will call this out in all-chat. If the team still does not comply the map will result in a disqualification of the offending team.
    7b. There will be no restrictions on weapons or loadouts.

    8. Spectators
    8a. No team will be allowed spectators.

    9. Draws/Timeouts
    9a. There will be no draws or timeouts once the match has started and is declared live.
    9b. Between live maps a team may request an intermission of up to five minutes except in the case of the opening duel. Failure to arrive back on time will result in the match continuing regardless of any other circumstances.
    9b.1. A team may not request an intermission before the opening duel.

    10. Duel
    10a. Each side will pick one duelist and send the name of that person to the ref via SteamChat. In reply the ref will assign each duelist a side (prioritizing Agatha for the higher seeded team unless otherwise requested by the higher seeded team) change the map to AOCLTS-Moor_P.
    10b. If any members of either team other than the duelists spawn, it will be considered a forfeit of the duel for that team.
    10b.1. If both sides have equal number of individuals other than the duelist spawned then they both must leave promptly. If one fails to do that, their team will forfeit the duel. If all parties other than the duelist leave, then the duel will resume as normal
    10b.2. If more than 2 people on a side disobey this rule after being warned it will result in a disqualification of their team for the match. If this happens to both teams it will result in a double disqualifaction.
    10c. Only Melee weapons are to be used in the duel. Any projectiles will result in a disqualification of the individual using that weapon.

    11. Format and Winning Conditions
    11a. Each team will play the predetermined map both ways. The team who completes the most objectives in the map wins.
    11a.1. If both teams complete all objectives, the team that completed them the fastest wins.
    11a.2. If the same amount of objectives are completed but one team gets decidedly further on one objective than the other team, the ref may call the map for that team. If the progress on that objective is too close to make a definitive call, the ref may rule that it is “Too close to call.”
    11a.3. If neither team completes the first objective OR the time with which each team completed the objectives that were completed is the same OR the progress on an objective is “Too close to call” then the winner will be decided by who can either by who can kill more peasants on the first objective of Stoneshill or who can kill them all in the fastest time.
    11a.3.1. If both teams kill the same number of peasants or kill all of them in the same amount of time or with a time difference too small to call definitively, then the match will be drawed.

    12. Tournament Progression System
    12a. This tournament will be double elimination.

    13. Code of Conduct- During match
    13a. The following code of conduct will be followed for the duration of the tournament starting at the time any tournament match is scheduled for.
    13b. When conducting business regarding the tournament with either tournament staff or participants swearing, prejudice, unsportsmanlike conduct may result in punishment ranging from a warning to ejection of that individual from the match or tournament and a loss of the round for their team.
    13c. Each team may only select one representative to post in the in-game chat, and that representative may only post regarding information of objective relevance to the tournament such as calling for a draw round or asking if the match is live.
    13d. Treat each opponent as well as tournament staff with the utmost respect.
    13e. Do not knowingly hack or glitch.

    14. Code of Conduct- Outside of matches
    14a. There shall be no sexual harassment, prejudice, or any other form of malicious harassment between participants and other participants or tournament staff. If there are multiple validated reports of sustained malicious harassment from one individual/team then a warning will be issued. After accumulating multiple warnings and still persisting in the behavior more severe punishments may occur such as suspensions and expulsions from the tournament or site.

    15. Cheating
    15a. What is considered a map glitch or exploit will be up to the discretion of the referee.
    15b. Any individual caught cheating/hacking will have their entire team expelled from the tournament.
    15c. Any individual caught map glitching or exploiting will be either ejected or warned based on their actions. Example: If someone discovers a glitch in a map and then immediately walks out of it they will most likely just be warned. If they stay in this area and exploit it then they will be ejected and their team will forfeit the map.
    15d. The following are a list of exploits that are not allowed (As per Rule 15a, this list is far from exhaustive):
    15d.1. Superdodge
    15d.2. Shield clipping
    15d.3. Crossbow reload running
    15d.4. Purposeful Desync
    15d.5. Dodge out of Stun
    15d.6. Bow Drawn Sprint
    15d.7. Weapon switch exploit
    15d.8. Special Daze Float

    16. Disclaimer
    16a. It is the right of the tournament staff to change any rules as they see fit at any time.



    • Be free during those times
    • Be able to stream/record
    • Provide an example of your stream/recording
    • Have decent knowledge about the game, competitive rules, and a bit of strategy. If you want to talk about this just find me on steam (look for HeightofAbsurdity)


    • Be free during those times
    • Familiarize yourself with the rules
    • Be somewhat knowledgeable about bugs and mechanics (we can help you out with this)
    • Be familiar with admin server commands (super easy and, again, we can help you out with this)


    • Be able to write match summaries with proper grammar
    • Provide both a 100 word summary of either of the 2 8v8 matches in the following link: http://www.twitch.tv/darkagegaming/b/371046621 as well as a 500 word summary of that same match. This will be used as a sample of your writing.



    None yet
    To be added simply fill out the following:

    [b]Name of Team:[/b]
    [b]Team Logo:[/b]
    [b]Captain Name:[/b]
    [b]Captain Steam ID:[/b]

    Name of Team: Your team name here. Up to 30 characters, spaces included.
    Team Logo: Reasonable sized .png preferred. Will be resized to fit. Min dimensions: 200x200. Max: 1920x1080
    Captain Name: The name of this team’s captain. Will be added to the created steam group and will be the individual information is communicated to. You may not have more than one captain nor may a captain be a part of more than one team.
    Captain Steam ID: Find out the steam ID of the captain by going to steamidfinder.com.
    Roster: The name and steam ID of your roster (up to 14 individuals. Do not include the captain).


    Tell everyone about it! Here are some sig banners:



    And here’s an avatar:


    Seriously. Tell EVERYONE you see about it. Lets build some excitement for this thing.

  • Name of Team: Vanquish
    **Team Logo:
    Acronym: Vq.|
    Captain Name: Vq.| Able
    Captain Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:1105735
    Knil – STEAM_0:1:18643705
    Russian Mafia – STEAM_0:1:4123696
    Dougheath – STEAM_0:1:8505064
    DoomyDoom – STEAM_0:1:4996694
    Pnobio – STEAM_0:1:19298969
    Los – STEAM_0:1:11552621
    HoBoy – STEAM_0:1:35609374
    Radical Edward – STEAM_0:0:19817153
    Icetea – STEAM_0:1:9829091
    Puffadder – STEAM_0:0:17704412
    Momento Mori – STEAM_0:1:1051227
    DFS – STEAM_0:1:9946259
    Egg – STEAM_0:1:13324854
    Ziggy – STEAM_0:0:27029

  • Sorry, I don’t know what any of these exploits are. You’re going to have to detail them so I know I can be sure not to do them.

  • Name of Team: Faucheur
    Team Logo:
    Captain Name: ŠïN
    **Captain Steam ID:**STEAM_0:0:60257706

    2. bigs : STEAM_0:1:4748898
    3. Nova : STEAM_0:1:58105446
    4. Root King : STEAM_0:0:950219
    5. ??? C?ß : STEAM_0:1:14320698
    6. P.R Stan : STEAM_0:1:34029029
    7. P.R Solo Dolo : STEAM_0:0:21302630
    8. fletch : STEAM_0:0:45356624
    9. ohyouHANZ : STEAM_0:0:1681031
    10. Master Guy : STEAM_0:1:29211513
    11. P.R Dan : STEAM_0:0:19775165
    12. skooma : STEAM_0:1:130608
    13. Archer : STEAM_0:0:826523
    14. Zaxo : STEAM_0:1:46791316
    15. Mania : STEAM_0:0:40734261

  • Deadline for posting rosters: 6/14/2013

    This is because the weekend of the 15th and 16th with feature a group stage style qualifier to determine seeding.

    1. All teams will be divided into four groups.
    2. They will play round robin.
    3. The winners of each group will advance to a Winner’s Group. Round Robin will again commence
    4. The Winner of the Winner’s Group will be first seed. Whichever group that team started off in, their second place team will be fifth seed. Their third will be ninth. And so on.

    The times will be the same times as the tournament days with all the groups playing at the same time the first day.

  • I’d be interested in casting for my channel, if so permitted.

    I’ll see about getting in touch through steam. ;)

  • So this is spread over -3- weekends? I can’t do that, I work every second weekend and already took the weekend of the 28th off for it

  • This is spread over two weekends. 22nd, 23rd, 29th, and 30th are the days.

    EDIT: I understand now. The qualifier isn’t part of the tournament and is there solely to determine seeding. It isn’t mandatory, though not attending will hurt your seeding obviously.

  • Can’t wait, this is exactly what we need to jump start interest in the competitive scene

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  • More teams need to sign up…

  • Where are the teams?

  • Waiting.

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