I'm too good and cause this, I can't play

  • Hi all. I have just registered only to ask why can’t I play anymore. it’s now three days that I play in FFA servers (even TDM ones) and I am kicked argued to be “a cheater” or “a noob” or something else. all from people with level below mine (I’m level 36 and I play only MAA and rarely archer).

    I was licterally kicked in 5/5 servers in a row only yesterday. today I opened the game, selected the FFA server with lower ping, entered and dominated the leaderboards with huge kill streaks, time 4 minutes–-> votekick—> kicked -.-

    My ID is STEAM_0:0:16772493, so if someone want to check it if I am clear, he can do it.

    I can’t play anymore, lol, what should I do?

    Thx for the replies.

  • Play on clan servers, then you will find you are not as good.

  • In EVERY game there are people that just can’t lose without whining… That’s normal.

  • I know I’m not the best and I do play even in clan servers but I am often kicked even there (not from the clan members obviously) but it’s fucking annoyin’ that you have to pray that you won’t be kicked in the next game you play -.- a random guy, who is probably raging, starts the voteckick and the other follow to vote yes (not everyone but almost) and I am kicked.

  • You must be in a part of the world with limited servers as I rarely see a good player getting kicked.

    It was funny the other day when players were trying to kick Slygoat because he had a king hat and was hacking.

  • I live in germany and there are a lots of server that come up in my browser list, that’s not the problem. I try always variegated servers but almost always with the same results: votekick/you are a cheater kick him/etc.

    Today I played only in 2 servers and in 1 of them I was kicked. at least it’s not 5/5 anymore but only 1/2, I am lucky today :D

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