Disable King Team damage?

  • Its pretty abusive you can tk your own king, I just played a game and I got tked by 2 vanguards who would constantly kept doing overheads with the zweihander on me. Kicking them wasn’t fast enough to stop them from ruining the game and any idiot can do this.

  • Would be very abusive to have no teamdmg too.

    My solution would be a kick option for the king if he gets teamdmged.

  • I would agree with having the king take no/reduced team damage. If a large battle occurs near the king, both teams are going to damage their own players equally anyway. Maybe at the very least make it so the king can’t die to friendly fire, so it would at least take 1 hit from an enemy to win.

  • If you stay alive long enough your own team will come to your aid.

    Then you kick them. Their team damage will be really high. Standing their taking it getting hit all the time while you fumble for a votekick is silly.

    Fight back. All you can do.

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