Remaking or adding to the tutorial

  • The game has taken on a few major changes and additions to combat since release while the tutorial has stayed the same. There have also been quite a few tactics discovered to do with the combat engine since release. It might be a good idea to look into remaking or adding some new parts to the tutorial to cover some of the changes the game has gone through.

    The feint part of the tutorial needs to be updated to show the changes made in the recent betas that have went live (when you reach the point where you’re 100% happy with the way feints work and don’t plan on making any further changes of course). Unless you follow the patch notes there’s no way of knowing about the anti-feint window at the end of the windup or the additional costs to combo feinting. A section showing how to do alternate attacks and when to take advantage of them would be useful as well. Alternate attacks kinda snuck in with a patch and I’m pretty sure a lot of people don’t even know they exist.

    There could be a section in the tutorial that covers a lot of new tactics that have been discovered since release. Teaching things like swing acceleration, dancing, etc. in the tutorial might give new players a better idea of what they’re going up against when they play with more experienced players and would make them feel less like exploits and more like actual tactics.

  • The tutorial covers the basics and it covers them well.

    Everything else is found out through playing. Also makes for more variety in people’s playstyles.

    Alternate attacks probably should be in there someone. But everything else shouldn’t.

    And there’s always the chat window in game. Tell them noobs what to do. I made a kiter to from first twice and 3rd once down to the bottom third of the scoreboard the day after the free weekend. I just told them to stand damn still so he can’t get you. So this kiter spent most of the game swinging at the air. The noob usually didn’t get the kill but it got the kiter outnumbered or an experienced player came along.

    And I also found out a new move today. The lookdown-up overhead. Very confusing. He also did look up-left-right-down LMB. No bullshit. He’s on this forum occasionally too apperently but I don’t know whether his in game name is the same as his forum name.

    Wait for this tactics to become popular. Gonna add them in the tutorial?

  • Tutorials are to be kept simple and provide the basics, certainly not all the latest beta changes which may be altered in the future.

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