• So heard about that 8v8 Team Objective goodness but don’t want to have to worry about going through all the work to organize your own 8v8 Team? IT IS OKAY! Just post here filling out the following and we’ll try and match you guys together with like minded folks. This isn’t a clan thread. This is for making a team to enter THIS THING. Just fill out the following:

    [b]Steam ID:[/b]

    Name:Your In Game Name
    Steam ID:On your steam profile, right click anywhere. Copy Page URL. Plug it into steamidfinder.com. That is your steam ID!
    Rank: Your current Chivalry Rank
    Class/Role: What Class/Role you would like to play in your team.
    Comms Info: Do you have a Mic? VoiP Server (Mumble, TS3, Vent)?
    Other: Any other information you would like to add about yourself. Are you a good leader? Are you willing to help organize your team? Do you have any SCHEDULE limitations?

    Name: Lg | HeightofAbsurdity
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:48952002
    Rank: 46
    Class/Role: Polearm Vanguard or Grand Mace Knight
    Comms Info: I have or can get any VoiP and have my own Mumble servers. I also have a mic.
    Other: I am absolutely horrible at this game. The worst. Pretending that I’m good though, I work well as a polearm vanguard working behind a heavy knight line as a supporter. I can also bash knights really well with the Grand Mace. I’m an excellent leader who has absolutely no life so I can be on at any time doing whatever.

    If you have a smaller group of folks but need more numbers to enter:

    [b]Desired Team Name:[/b]
    [b]Comms Info:[/b]

    Desired Team Name: Knights of Absurdity
    Names: HeightofAbsurdity, HeightofLameturdity, HeightofGameSuckery
    Ranks: Between 45 and 47
    Classes: All three of us can play Vanguard or Grand Mace Knight
    Comms Info: We all have all the VoiPs and our own Mumble channels!
    Other: We play together a lot. Pretty much any time one of us is on, we’re all on. Still, we would like to run a 4 slinger 4 forker composition. We think it is the best. Around. Nothing’s ever gonna keep it down.

  • Desired Team Name: [Undecided]
    Names: Del, Cometchaser, Naleaus, BB, Kiri, patrolin with tolin, Kylito
    Ranks: 38 - 43
    Classes: Vg, Kn, Kn, MaA, Kn, Vg, MaA
    Comms Info: We’re probably either going to end up in a skype conference call or tucked away in some friendly clans com server, be prepared to download any of the popular voice communication programs.
    Other: Prepare to fight with the free knighthood of freedom and delicious pastries, at the moment we are lacking an archer, so if you think you’re a good archer please friend ‘Del’ and show your skills in a pub. If we get a 5th person and you still want to sign up, you can, but just as a sub and will be put in if one of the playing members drops for any reason, may also be switched out for the sake of endurance.

  • Name: lopert
    Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Lopert/
    Rank: 34
    Class/Role: Boardsword MAA, Longsword Knight, Warbow Archer
    Other: Hi all. I am currently focused on playing Dota 2, but I do play quite a bit of chivalry whenever my team is not scrimming. That being said, I do not believe I have enough time to commit to a chivalry team, but would love to add some competitive players to my list to ring / spare / merc / standin for whoever needs it. Cheers!

  • Name: PantsofJoy
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:51389344
    Rank: 37
    Class/Role: Long/Norse sword knight, Halberd Vanguard, Warbow Archer (best at killing other archers)
    Other: Currently out of school and my job is not in the way so I have a lot of free time. Although I do like this game when I don’t have to play it, but I would very much like to be in a few competitive fights because pub matches are too unorganized .

  • Name: SEAL
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:16047473
    Rank: 39
    Class/Role: Knight w/ Longsword
    Other: I’ve started a Steam community page for my team. Need a few extra players. Add me on Steam if you are interested.

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