• A votekick cannot be initiated to someone with less than X% team damage or Y sec idle time.

    It will be a server option that’s configurable for X and Y values

  • How does that handle the occasional hacker.

  • @gregcau:

    How does that handle the occasional hacker.

    Or with the occasional dick.

  • Hmm, possibly a better fix: Can only votekick someone once.

    Ex. say person A is being a tker and person B is just being a dick. You can votekick person A only once and you can votekick person B only once.

    I recently had a match where I thought I’d be funny and headshot a team mate with the heavy crossbow BEFORE THE MATCH START. He initiated a votekick against me and my team damage of course showed at 100% even though it wasn’t even in a match, lol. It failed and he proceeded to try and votekick me 7 more times. I tried to counter votekick him for being a troll (and he wasn’t even talking in chat or anything) which for some reason failed (I guess people didn’t read my several chat messages about this guy trying to kick me). The same guy tried for the 8th time to votekick me and he was successful :p

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