Best player in North America leaves chivalry

  • I quit !

    Tried 3 differents clan -Legion, Fist and Overthrow

    Left legion, came back then got kicked. Lot of drama in this clan ! had my fun to troll with them. Got bored after being asked so many times to scrim and practice when all they are doing is playing fist on practice and losing on other clans.

    Fist : another drama-filled clan. Left quickly after 2 days

    Overthrow : Best clan I was in, Jcash is a nice-guy, a little obssessed tho and may have too much time on his hand.

    No one ever came close to my skill level in this game, never been so above the rest in any other game either.

    I just want to thank you guys for ruining my favorite game of all time, you NERF-KIDS, sure know how to annihilate all fun on a pc game.

    I hope you guys have fun killing each other mindlessly, for me I’ll be eagerly waiting for the next Torn Banner game and hope the nerf-train don’t hit it !

    This was my last troll post ! moving on once and for all

  • @cygnus:

    This was my last troll post ! moving on once and for all

    At least you have the decency to write this.

  • Thank you for the insightful news. Locked.

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