• So after the screenshot contest, I decided that announcing a contest at the beginning of the month and ending it at the end is ample time for people to hand in their submissions.

    June’s contest has yet to be picked so I decided for everyone to decide.

    Should it be one of the following:

    Video contest: Make a video about Chivalry. Could be a montage or a story or anything related.
    Writing contest: Write a story that is Chivalry related story.
    Song contest: Make a song about Chivalry.
    Animation contest: Make an animation about Chivalry.

    Vote in the poll and I will announce the new contest sometime on Sunday with details regarding rules, prizes and closing time.

  • i voted video, but i’m torn in between video and song.

    I want to actually see some hardcore effort put into videos… a great example of what would already win is the sling video mattshea made… he combined both a creative twist on a song with chivalry lyrics, and also made an awesome edit of video footy to go along so he basically did 2 in one… he wins.

    So yeah, i’d like to see some great effort put into a video… or hear some funny chiv songs.

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