Swords of valour clan looking for members

  • Greetings fellow members of chivalry my clan swords of valour is looking to recruit new members we have no definite rank rules but above 35 would increase your chance of getting in.

    We are a very active clan, we hold lots of training clan wars and other clan based games!
    we plan to get 15-20 members in the clan if you are interested please reply on this thread or add me on steam my name is

    [sov] {PPowner} hiboo monster

    current clan members

    [sov] ultra (co-owner)

    [sov] Ludwig schwarzhelm

    [sov] omega

    [sov] bring It!

    [sov] AA. DAT CURSED PIRATE (he changed his name but this is his original one)

    And me of course.

    When you join you will be expected to where the clan tag when in game.

    I great plans for the clan and hope many people would wish to compete for a part in the swords of valour

    Yours sincerely

    [sov] {PPowner} hiboo monster

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