My Chivalry MMO mixed idea.

  • So just warning in advance this is going to be a long post.

    Okay so my idea is basically combining a few games features together mainly Chivalry, Planet Side, mount and blade, and war of the roses. The key features i would have from each of these games would be Chivalrys combat system, Planetsides conquer the base over vast amounts of land, War of the roses armor and hit system and mount and blades troop advancement system.

    Chivalrys combat: Its fluid, and fast paced but also requires you to know what your doing. Yes having a shield makes you very hard to hit but people can still get around it or simply kick you to stagger you. if you dont have a shield you have to look at the weapon coming towards you to block. You may block faster but you are highly susceptible to being staggered. Also i love this system because where your blade goes thats where you hit so if your using a short sword you have to get close and personal while a pole axe can keep the enemies a good distance away.

    Planetsides large maps and multiple capture points: Not really much to elaborate. Replace the high tech facilities with castles and give them certain buffs like 10% extra melee strength while in zone or something then replace outposts with small villages. Implementing a seige system against the castles would add another level of fun where players will actually need to bring along seige weapons like catapults or trebuchets to launches boulders at the doors or even bring a ram to try and knock the doors down. Ladders or even grappling hooks so troops can climb from behind.

    War of the Roses Armor and hit system: this system was very fascinating to me as the heavier the armor got the harder it was to puncture. With a sword i found myself simply glancing off the armor, instead i had to stab to do any damage against heavies or way till their arms were up and i could hit a soft spot. This would add yet another level of difficulty to the combat.

    Mount and blades Troop advancement: By this i refer to how when you first recruit troops they are peasents and then become militia men or bow militia, then to archers or man-at-arms or cavalry. But this would be a design saved for the Clans and guilds.

    Im going to start from the beginning where you create your character. Yes both male and female would be available. So youve created your character and chosen to play as one of the three factions. But your nothing but a peasant and can only use peasant farm tools as weapons. ( this makes sense to me. ) Now as a peasant you could pick up a sword and shield and breast plate from a dead body but because you were never trained in such equipement you would get a debuff for lack of training.
    As a peasant you will spawn at a village or castle close to combat unless you wish to just be thrown into the fray you can simply select the castle being attacked. After you spawn you begin to fight. Yes you will be at a severe disadvantage you have no armor no decent weapons but your just a peasant so your the cannon fodder the normal cannon fodder allow to die first. Shortly after the battle you are invited to join a guild WOOT!. You accept.

    Guilds and Clans: Guilds and Clans will be able to either use a preset troop tree or create their own with their own rank names. Mind you it will be heavily regulated so as Guilds cant make their troops only uber. Once your in a clan the armor you may have pick up from a dead guy earlier now no longer has a debuff and has a cloth over top displaying your guilds Custom maid Sigil. Guilds and Clans will essentially be the bannermen of the side you fight for. So that guilds dont have influxes of nothing but archers all new members join as conscripts and once they are promoted the officer or the Noble who owns the guild will choose who goes were to allow the guild to balance its numbers.

    Over time you work your way up the ranks unlocking new gear for you to use and decide you want your own clan. So you create one with some friends to help. You are now a Noble and your troops with fly your banner into battle in your honor. As a Noble you would get a plus 10% to all your stats but only once your Guild has reached a Sizable number.

    The next step is abit of friendly contest within the side you fight for. At the end of the month the Guild with the highest Score becomes the Reigning Guild. Meaning the Noble encharge is crowned king and givin a unique set of armor and a crown. all his stats are increased by 50% and all members of his Guild go up by 10%. The person remains king till the end of the month unless his guild maintains the score. A king can only be king 2 months in a row after that the runner up Guild is chosen.

    As far as acquiring gear and weapons it would be similar to War Of the Roses where you kill or complete objectives to earn gold. you can visit blacks smiths in castles for gear. Now not all castles will have all the gear and some castle will have gear that has bonuses do to having superior blacksmiths or superior bows and arrows or swords and the like.

    So this is my idea and i really appreciate you reading this far in. Please if you can only say shit like " this shit will never happen" dont bother posting. I would appreciate constructive criticism only.

  • I will come back and read this later, as I am interested.

    But I would change your topic title from MMO??? which I assumed was yet another one sentence “we need a MMO” to something more appealing like “My MMO design”

    Edit: Read it, but not having played War of the Roses not sure I understand a lot of it.

    I guess the biggest technical issue with a MMO is everyone has to be on the same server so combat has to be able to handle a wide variety of pings.

    As I have said before a Chivalry MMO would skip leveling, quests, AI aka monsters, but include crafting, exploration, and epic large battles.

  • Changed the name to basically show what i really mean and thanks for the tip.

    As far as war of the roses go basically lets say your wearing a full plate mail of the heavy knight and i come charging in at you if i slash with my sword and hit say your shoulder, theres a higher chance of my sword simply being deflected or even just blocked by your armor which would also cause me to stagger. So my only options against you would be to stab so as to use the tip of my blade to peirce your armor. But if my sword isnt designed for stabbing i may not do much damage or way till your winding a shot and hit you in your soft spots not covered in armor.

    As far as crafting would go my idea was that all armor can be purchased at the local black smiths but as a player you can develope your crafting skills, which will be the only skills that you can level up in the game, to build your own armor and weapons. Player crafted gear will be much stronger then purchased gear. But to keep people from being man-at-arms and uber, if within their guild they are only a second ranked infantry and the limit to their armor are only breast plates then anything more would start getting debuffs. If you reach the final attainable rank, will call in the knights rank, you would be allowed to wear full plates with no penalties. Not only would this identify troops it will also help maintain balancing as a rank 2 trooper would get more bonus from wearing his armor then wearing a knights armor.

    Now i mentioned that gear purchased a castle with superior armor would have a buff but i would also like to mention that armor that a player makes at said castle would have an even better buff. So in order to craft said equipment one would have to get a horse and Travel long distances to get to these castles. NO FAST TRAVELLING.

    Oh thats a point i didnt touch in my idea was Cavalry. Horse back cavalry in this idea of a game would add another level of combat that players would need to adapt to. From lancers to spears to swords and even short bows for horse back archery.

    So take everything ive posted and imagine yourself a rank 4 Vanguard, you have your pole axe in your hand and surrounded by hundreds of other players all wearing different banners and every so often you see your guilds banners. You guild leaders go on voice telling you that the enemy is these three guilds and they will be arriving soon. Shortly after in the distance you see an army of troops march over the hill. In a blood curdling yell your commander uses the warcry taunt and yells " FOR AGATHA!" and every single one of you charge into the battle towards the enemy.

    This would be so epic the organized battles would be huge and amazing.

  • It would be epic. I truly believe if TBS produced a specialty hard core MMO they would have another winner.

    But there are obstacles of course, the other one I didn’t mention is the ability to have a large number of players on screen at once. I suspect the Unreal engine can’t handle that without top of the line hardware.

    But who knows, Tibbs may surprise us yet.

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