Things I love 2

  • One of the very best things that I love about Chivalry is just how much different it is from the rest of modern first person shooters. :) Especially in team games. In games like CoD you don´t really need to stick with your team, you can just camp and shoot those 5 people that were trying to cross the street.

    1. I love how the melee playstyle forces people to work together, form groups, I always seem to naturally gravitate towards teammates (if I´m not a MAA or drunk…) ´cause if I don´t I could die!

    2. Voice chat interaction
      Voice chat is fuckin´ awesome!!! You know that moment when you are getting pressured by an opponent, then a teammate comes in and chops his head off and you press X5, he presses X6 in response…That is the best feeling ever! :D
      I just wish more people would follow commands that I give, If I say X1 to someone, I´m not fuckin´ joking, we´re going on a mission, buddy, it´s gonna be great!
      If I say Z6, you stand and remain where you stand, douchebag! Learn some patience, bro, you don´t always have to go on a suicide mission :D.
      And finally if you accidentally chop my head off, you should always X7 !

    3. Playing well
      One of the best feelings while playing is something like:

    Killing all 3 guys that were coming at you to push you from the cart, not today guys!
    Sneaking up behind enemy lines and pushing the cart to the next objective, they didn´t even noticed :D.
    Slaying 5-10 guys in your way to the trebuchet, staying on that wooden platform, dispatching of those 2 incoming guys and then marching to the next treb.

    You just know when you´re doing well because you feel it, you feel the joy and you X9 with your teammates while shaking your heads :) . Doing well feels so rewarding!

    1. Becoming the king

    You performed so well the other guys in your team noticed it and they realize that you are the best player on their team so they bow to you and lend you their shields. Once I was being protected by 5-7 knights with shields on Stoneshill but still ended up dead :D

    1. Playing drunk

    I did that once, stayed up till 4 AM :D . Maaaaan, I was having soooo much fun. Yeah, had slower reflexes and worse KD ratio but playing FPS drunk makes you…fearless, you behave much more bravely and risk a lot, it sometimes pays off. I also recall pressing C and doing battlecry IRL :D .
    I have to do this again…

    This game deservers a lot more credit for how much different it is and how much fun it brings!

  • I hear you.

    This game’s so much fun I don’t ever want it to die.

  • I double tap the X and Z keys to get the options above 5. It flips it.

    Its much faster.

    Even in FFA when you close to a guy and there an archer shooting at both of you just yell out kill the archers and rush towards him. You both kill him then walk off from each other. Best feeling ever.

  • @funthomass:

    1. Playing drunk

    I did that once, stayed up till 4 AM

    I need to try that

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