Why no functioning VOIP?

  • now over 1 million copies, congrats, very happy for u and the community! BUT, why still no working voip? if decent in game VOIP was working back when counter-strike first came out over a decade ago, why cant C:MW have a working VOIP? what am I missing, is VOIP really hard to code? I dont get it, and its frustrating to impossible to type anything tactical in a game where seconds matter.
    i just think it would be so awesome to organize a line with shields in front with team in tow, and then, “charge!” and “[war face]”.

  • A question I have asked many times and got no answers to.

    Other unreal games can do it.

  • This is climbing up on the priority list as we get other things out of the way. I’m thinking maybe patch 3? No promises though.

  • since the game is on sale and so many new players join the epicness that is chivalry mw, and the new trading cards, and soon after a significant patch (which i dont have a problem with. lv 36 kn, vg), i wanted to ask u devs and community: y still no voip? it seems like its not even in works in the background. this is a teamgame. cant u just do something with mumble or other free 3rd party software if youre on a budget?

  • And patch 3 is the next patch coming up.

  • No one seems to use the voicechat.

    Every server has that one guy that just insists on using the voicechat- He’ll try to coordinate tactics, advise during battles, and he in general puts a rock on “G” and lets the commentary flow, i.e. “What you’ve got here is an inefficient formation, we need more mushrooms up front so our archers don’t get hit by their potatoes

    I’d imagine that it’s used more in clan settings, maybe. But a good and efficient way to communicate would be great.

    As it stands, it’s hard to have leadership in LTS#9 most public servers. This seems to be due to the lack of effective tactics and reasoning to back it up, as it just takes way too long to type it out. What I see is the general “blob” of players heading one direction, and then Carolean the rest goofing up and facing down the entire team. You can imagine how this works out.

  • When I give leadership there are usually a few that listen.

    I’ve convinced many players as to what trebs to defend first in the hillside map. Instead of everyone rushing to 2 many now go off to 1 and 3. Easier to defend. 2 is damn hard to defend as the agathians actually spawn slightly closer.

    Voice chat would be useful for admin reasons too.

    It needs to be fixed.

  • I like voicechat just because it’s fun. Alltalk makes for good banter between the teams.

  • 3rd party VOIP works fine for organized play. Everyone who uses the ingame voice pisses me off for some reason, I don’t know why, but I hate them.

  • @HandsomeHodge:

    3rd party VOIP works fine for organized play. Everyone who uses the ingame voice pisses me off for some reason, I don’t know why, but I hate them.


    I hate them becuase it doesn’t work properly. So you can understand a word anyone says.

  • I almost like that it doesn’t work. Nobody says anything useful anyways.

  • over a million sold and still no working voip :( plz community, let us petition TB to provide us with working voip so that there may be more epicness

  • Actually.

    It seems to be better and worse.

    I can hear people better but it doesn’t say who is talking.

  • well obviously it would have options for team-only and all talk which it already does in server options, and the ability to mute people you don’t want to hear. Also instead of muting individually a mute-all would be nice, but i think that’s what the disable chat feature is for.

    I want voice, there’s actually been times in pubs where people ‘attempt’ to communicate objectives and tell people where they need to be and what to do and such. Sometimes you can understand them, sometimes not.

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