"Soul" hacker

  • While entering a duel server no more than half an hour ago, i was minding my own buisness when someone with the name “Soul” starts to insult me and accuse me of speed hacking. Naturally i accept his challenge, only to see that he did some type of illegitimate action, which gave him game breaking speed, after winning the duels he proceeded to insult me in a more in depth manner. He also goes by the names of, as following:?Soul Soul,§oul ? AB§ØLÜT£ ŽERØ,?Soul | Absolute Zero, Soul - Sleeping?
    Soul - Moo…,Soul | Abs, Tex, Soul | Asbolute Zero, Soul ? ABSØLÜT£ ŽERØ I also have a screenshot of him admitting doing something called a dox or ddox? Im sorry if i’m naming and shaming but as a true fan of this game, i just cannot allow this to pass in this game i love so dearly. In the picture he admits it in the chat box. Thank you all for reading and have a good day.

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