One hundred years' war mod

  • I believe they made quite a wrong choice not to use history to build even such a quick pitch.

    Crusades periods is interesting, but the enemies are always the same : christians versus islamists… which is not the smartest choice nowadays for a game pitch actually, or civil wars. Moreover weapons do not change much during that period, though crusades lasted for roughly 2 hundred years.

    One hundred years’ war period would have been perfect : several enemies involved for quite a long time (England, Scotland, France, Belgium, Spanish, Italy, Luxembourg) civil wars as well (France and England too) and huge changes in warfare, armours and weapons : mounted full plate armoured knights becoming useless before light armoured ranged long bowmen. Cavalry becoming unefficient onto the battlefield when facing efficient artillery.

    Lots of battles well described to use to make maps and game modes, several cultures with different weapons and armours to use for unlocks as free DLC.

    One hundred years’ war would have been such a goldmine for this game… can’t wait for a mod.

  • Personally I think making their own little fictional world is better. Opens the game up to more and more things. And its fun as a developer to design everything yourself instead of copying from history.

    But hey I’m not against a mod for it.

    But there is no such word as armours. There is no “s”. Do you say sheeps too?

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