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  • Greetings and welcome to the clan-page for Interstellar!

    Interstellar was formed on the 18th of April in 2013 by Azure, MC, Prince Fatty & StillAlive.
    We decided to form this clan with the purpose of making a safe environment for people to develop new- and hone old skills with it be arching, sword-slashing or anything else in particular. This means that we also invite members who are of lower level if we see a potential and talent.

    In the future we aim at competing in quite a few scrims and we are very interested in making contact with other clans or guilds. In fact, we’ve already competed in a few. So if you represent a certain group of players who would like to compete with us, feel free to add either StillAlive, Prince Fatty, MC or ?zure. The important aspect of this is that the clan is EU-exclusive so we do not play against clans from other regions.

    We currently have 20 members. These are in un-ranked order:
    MC, Rayo, Silverdot, Eilon, Vladi, Uners, Guinness, Prince Fatty, Azure, StillAlive, Butt Stallion, Methos, General Master Pommes, BlackCat, Demork, Teocyn, don Silver, Woops & Marox.

    Joining us will require that you have the following things in place:


    • Teamspeak3 and a working microphone.
    • Basic english knowledge and a mind fit for both competitive and casual playing.
    • Location in the EU or internet speed high enough to compensate for this.
    • Enough time for scrims and scheduled trainings.
    • A certain set of skills and assets in the game. These can be both strategic or gameplay wise.
      That said, we are currently not looking for more recruits

    If these terms are met then feel free to contact one of the Clan founders for more information regarding a trial-period. We will do our best to answer as quickly as possible after discussing in between.

    We currently own a Last Team Standing server with the following IP:
    & a clan-server which we obviously use for scrims and trainings sessions.
    Our Teamspeak-server remains hidden for public view.

    Any other questions may be answered by our members or founders.

    • Interstellar.

  • A bunch of nice guys,very pleasant clan to play with and talk to.
    I was on TS with a couple of these guys,it was very fun.

    • Rep for this clan !

  • I can recommend Interstellar to everyone looking to join a fun, competitive, and good spirited group of people. They are an awesome bunch of peeps.

    Cheers, StillAlive. ;)

  • Awesome team

  • Excellent, fun, cool and very skilled bunch of people.
    Highly recommended :2hand:

  • <3

  • Hit me up on Steam to schedule some friendly scrims with KILA.

  • Currently we have enough members so recruiting for Interstellar is currently paused.
    Original thread also edited.

  • Great team to play against, very good players!

    We’ll be back for more soon :D. <3

  • All these men are very handsome.

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