Once again, "UDK.exe has stopped working."

  • I don’t understand. It’s very frustrating trying to fix this.
    Radeon X1900 Series (Graphics)
    2 Gb’s of RAM
    Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.40GHz

  • Still happening? Does it happen on launch or randomly while playing?

  • Are you still getting this error?

    I only got the game yesterday and all I get is this UDK.exe on startup.

    I have tried every tip/suggestion that I have seen. New drivers, reinstall of steam and game (many times for game, and even more times for config and re-verifying). The reason I am replying is I noticed your card is similar to mine. I have a 1950 xtx. Does this generation of card struggle with the game? Maybe the 64 bit OS with this card is the issue.

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