Best/worst bugs?

  • What are the best and worst bugs you have encountered in this game?

    For me they are:

    -Can’t access unlocks (infuriating)
    -Stuck in the environment
    -Can’t run or attack
    -Audio failure when joining certain servers

    -Invisibility (get you kicked pretty fast but it’s awesome fun)
    -Unlimited throwing axes

    • Not being able to swap out from a throwing weapon, generally as an enemy you would otherwise kill cuts you down.

    • the push-able is 45/75/90% of the way there, it is just so obvious and been around for so long and seemingly would be super easy to fix???

    • Kicks not being able to easily hit people slightly above/below you.

    The cool:

    Being able to respawn just after end-round timer and free-kill statues hehehehhehehe

  • Probably my favorite one I have seen/found


  • @Anonymoose:


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    That explains it for me :).


    This has happened to me twice now at the same area. I think I’ve figured out what might trigger it.

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