Request: A Zombie horde mode

  • So I just played on a FFA server with tons of bots running around for the first time… I noticed they don’t block and are relatively slow to attack, but there was a lot of them… And that got me thinking…

    What if there was a sort of co-op zombie horde mode where waves of bots like this would come at you and you simply had to survive as long as possible, with the count increasing with each wave, possibly attackers getting faster and faster, etc.?

    I was just imagining fighting off zombies/bots in that fashion with this combat system and my heart filled with delight.

    Just an idea… Although this seems too great of an idea for someone to not have thought of it before, but just in case, I figured I would make a post.

  • Yes! I used to play these mods back in the ol´ days of call of duty. They are a ton of fun, especially with friends and it´s a good practice too.
    So I am envisioning filthy peasants that look like zombies, the rest is up to the developer :D

  • I don’t get the fascination with zombies. Zombies are not hot really.


  • Zombies are over done.

    How about a peasant uprising mod. Using the same useless AI have hundreds of filth peasants running at you.

  • Every game seems like it needs to add a zombie horde mode. I love zombies, but it seems like it’s overdone now. Just like all these little post-apocalyptic games popping up everywhere ever since Fallout 3 became a hit. I’m all for post-apocalyptic games, but it’s going to be overdone too, and then where will I be? :(

    Anyways, a lot of people have suggested what lemonater just mentioned. “Peasant uprising” - Defend against huge mobs of angered peasants armed with pitchforks and torches. Peasants rising up against Agatha sounds most likely, since in lore, the Mason Order has spread propaganda to all the common folk that Agathians are morons for failing the crusade.

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