Mid release flinching

  • Self explanatory. It happens to me with extreme frequence lately both-way.

    Normally only being hit during wind-up stops the attack, however recently I got many of my attacks that already clearly entered the release phase stopped by being hit. No hit trading occured, I went immediately into the flich animation and my attack stopped, doing no damage.

    As I said, it happens to me both ways, sometimes I manage to hit the first and even though there should be hit trading, the enemy is flinch just before the attack can land. I have already mentioned this bug before but it was dismissed as a mere desync which is impossible when it happens both ways. It starts to be pretty frustrating though, especially if you use slower weapons relying on hit trading.

  • I’ve never seen attacks actually get flinched in release. Plenty of times the animation plays, but in reality it’s still swinging.

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